Below is an article about "The Other Death Tax" that effects nearly all people who work for a living.  And talk about a "flat tax" ---- this is it -- 15.3% of your salary or self-employment income, with no reduction allowed for itemized or standard deductions or personal/dependent exemptions.  It is a painful tax that supposedly builds up your social security benefit level, but then what you "have left in benefits" can vaporize upon your death, and be diverted to the general fund.  I prepare income tax returns for a living, and surprisingly, numerous clients of mine pay higher social security/medicare taxes than they do income taxes, but just don't seem to notice or care!  Please read this article and then call me to find out how you can legally reduce this tax or eliminate it from your life.  Then you can use the money saved to build up a real retirement fund that the government can't take away from you if you die before you get a chance to spend it all, and you can designate beneficiaries to receive the balance.

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